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Cape Cod is an area rich in art and artisans and characterized by an intrinsic beauty that people come from all over the country to experience. For many, it is a home away from home, a place to come to recuperate from the bustle of the city and replenish their stores of energy, creativity and senses of well-being. Those purchasing homes here thus seek interiors that at once embody both their personalities and the resort atmosphere. They turn to Helen Baker, whose 24 years designing Cape Cod homes makes her an expert at her craft.

Like most of its residents, Helen is a transplant to the Cape. Raised by an interior designer in Charleston, South Carolina, Helen graduated from Duke University with a political science degree and spent the next two years of her life pursuing that path in Boston. But when her mother asked her to take over control of the fabric business she had started on Cape Cod, Helen welcomed the opportunity to work in a more creative arena. Assuming ownership in 1982, Helen expanded and refined the company's services and turned it into Helen Baker Interiors, the full-service design firm she operates today.

Helen's background in politics taught her resourcefulness, how to structure communication and processes, and her design methodology clearly illustrates this fact. Her methods are rooted in pragmatism and fed by her broad command of textiles, both from a technical and an aesthetic standpoint. This vast knowledge, coupled with her close working relationships with local architects, builders, artisans and vendors allows clients to make educated decisions from her presentations. She maintains an extensive design library, replete with hundreds of books, catalogs and samples from which she draws inspiration. Proficient in a broad range of styles, Helen enjoys her frequent commissions to design homes off-Cape and has worked throughout the East Coast.

Helen's experience and practical approach has earned her a reputation for excellence and appearances in numerous publications and on television. Helen's immense knowledge impels clients to contact her first when creating new homes and then seek her guidance with architects and builders. Indeed, much of Helen's work begins at the construction phase. She enjoys every aspect of the design experience and remains passionate about the process involved in creating homes that reflect her clients' lifestyles. These clients and countless others recognize that Helen's designs truly capture and enhance the beauty of Cape Cod.

Design Philosophy

Helen Baker It is my mission to create interiors that are distinctive and will continuously enhance the refined lifestyles of my clients while respecting their financial considerations. My designs are executed with exacting attention to detail, superior materials and high quality craftsmanship.

Areas of expertise lie in:
  • Managing and scheduling construction processes
  • Designing and executing residential and commercial remodeling projects
  • Sourcing and materials management
  • Negotiating contract
  • Estimating job costs

Contact us

Helen Baker Interiors, Inc.
94 Main St
PO BOX 367
West Harwich, MA 02671


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